Want a new tablet but don't want to spend a lot of money?

Amazon’s Fire tablets are extremely affordable entry-level tablets, and right now, they're cheaper than ever. The 7-inch version that comes with 8GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity is just £34.99 on Amazon. That's a 42-per cent discount from its original (and already cheap) price of £59.99. The 16GB version with Wi-Fi is also £25 off, which brings the tablet's cost down to £44.99 from £69.99.

Both these models of the Fire Tablet also come with Alexa for nearly hands-free functionality. You can use it to get the weather report, stream music, and more - all with the touch of a button. The Fire Tablet is comparable in size to the iPad Mini 4, but according to Amazon, it's 1.8 times more durable. So, if have kids or are just clumsy yourself, then this is the device to get.

Speaking of kids, Amazon's child-friendly content portal, Amazon FreeTime, is available as a service on the Fire tablets. It gives access to over 40,000 YouTube videos, hand-selected websites, and full parental controls to make sure your children stay safe when they're surfing online or watching videos. Everything that's made available to view through the app is age appropriate.

We even have an entire guide about how to set-up a Fire tablet for kids. But even if you don't have kids, these tablets still have a lot to offer with bright whites and vivid colours that make it enjoyable to read e-books, watch TV shows, or use any of the millions of available apps. So, now's the time to buy if you're interested. But better hurry - the sale is likely temporary.

Amazon marked down the tablets in the US at the beginning of the month, but the sale is already finished there.