There have been plenty of rumours around of late about devices Amazon might launch before Christmas. It has been linked with getting a 6-inch tablet out in time that will cost $50 or less - in the States, at least - and thanks to official FCC postings, it is also expected to announce a new version of its Fire TV set-top-box, one with a 4K output.

However, the latest leak and rumour comes in the form of what looks to be a press image posted by @evleaks on Twitter.

Evan Blass (who posts using that name) released the image on his account, albeit with the description "10-inch Kindle Fire from Amazon".

Amazon hasn't used the Kindle name in relation to its tablet devices for some time, and considering its own operating system, which is also used for the Fire TV devices and the defunct Fire Phone, is called Fire OS, we think it's unlikely to readopt the additional branding now.

Regardless, if the pics are of a new 10-inch Fire tablet, there's a more pressing question; will it look and operate more like an actual Android device as the screen suggests?

Although it is possible to pull up an icon screen on existing Amazon Fire devices, the back, home and recent apps buttons shown on the display are radically different to those usually adopted by Fire OS. In fact, they are identical to the ones found on Android Lollipop.

That either means that Amazon is about to ditch Fire OS in favour of a skinned full version of Android or the images are fake.

We'll leave that for you to decide, but will report on anything else we see or here in the coming days and weeks.