Amazon has a new Kindle ereader in the works, and it doesn't use the Paperwhite brand name.

The last Kindle Paperwhite released in 2013, in Wi-Fi and 3G models, and featured the same 6-inch screen with 212 PPI and bezel as the original Paperwhite. Although Amazon is largely expected to unveil the third-generation Paperwhite soon, a new leak has indicated the company is developing a very similar device called the Kindle Voyage. Amazon Germany and Amazon Japan both listed the device online, but all related pages have since been pulled by the company.

According to those original listings, the Kindle Voyage will feature a 6-inch display...just like the Paperwhite. It will also launch internationally on 4 November, with the usual 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity options. It will further sport a unique tapping feature, in which users can tap lightly on the bezel near the screen to flip or sift through Kindle ebook pages. Neither Amazon Japan nor Amazon Germany revealed images of the new ereader.

The Kindle Paperwhite is due for an upgrade. But it's not yet clear if Amazon's new ereader is in fact the Paperwhite 3. The Spanish version of the new ereader's support page replaced the Paperwhite brand name with a new Voyage name, for instance, and another leaked page provided details on price: $190 with Wi-Fi or $250 with 3G. Prices for the Paperwhite 2 in the US ranged from $119 and $139 for the Wi-Fi model to $189 and $209 for the 3G/Wi-Fi model.

Pocket-lint has therefore contacted Amazon for more information on the Voyage. We will update when we know more.

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