For those of you who prefer an ereader over a tablet as your ebook-reading machine, then you'll be glad to know that Amazon has quietly doubled the storage of its Kindle Paperwhite.

The Amazon Kindle is a series of ebook readers by The first-generation Paperwhite released in 2012, with a 6-inch display that featured built-in LEDs. The latest Paperweight, also known as Paperweight 2, released last autumn and features a higher contrast E Ink Carta display as well as 2GB of internal storage. In some markets, it also features support for Wi-Fi/3G connectivity. Well now there's a new version of the Paperweight 2.

According to The Digital Reader, Amazon has recently doubled the internal storage of its ereader from 2GB on the 2013 model to 4GB on the new model. Amazon has also provided a statement, admitting that it increased storage but doesn't see the new Paperwhite as a new product. In other words, you shouldn't think of the updated Paperwhite as the Paperwhite 3. It's simply the second-generation Paperwhite, with a spec bump.

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Doubling the storage on the Paperwhite means you will now have the ability to save twice the amount of ebooks on your ereader, compared to the amount you were able to save before. It's estimated that 2GB can hold more than 1,000 ebooks, so you should be able to locally store up to 2,000 ebooks on the new Paperwhite. Plus, don't forget Amazon's Cloud Drive that'll give you even more storage space.

Amazon's Paperwhite page currently offers a yellow banner with link for you to visit the current version of both the product and listing. Click the link to find the updated Paperwhite. It costs about $119.