Amazon has plans to release an Android-based games console to compete with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, according to VG247.

Not only will the console stream and download games, it will also provide music, movies and TV content to users for under $300, the publication has said. Game publishers of popular Android and iOS games have met with Amazon executives to put their games on the platform. 

It's been reported several times that the console/set-top box was planned for a late-2013 launch, but was delayed at the last moment. Now it's being claimed it will launch sometime in 2014. The design is said to be similar to the PSone redesign, being grey in colour with sharp edges and an oblong shape. However, the design could change closer to launch. 

Previously assumed to be a vehicle for the Amazon Prime video service, Amazon's console/set-top box will have third-party apps and content from a variety of sources, reports in the past have mentioned. It will be like the Roku and Apple TV, offering a one-stop shop for users to get their content. Amazon has reportedly asked developers to include controller support in their future tablet games, to work with the console/set-top box.

Amazon hasn't confirmed its plans for a foray into the living room. However in an event invite to recruit new employees this month, Amazon teased: “a new revolutionary product that will allow us to deliver Digital Media to customers in new ways and disrupt the current marketplace”.