The next version of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD may come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display, if new details prove to be accurate.

The current iteration of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets were launched on 6 September, so it's not surprising to see rumours building about the next-gen. With the tablet wars in full swing, staying up to date is important and it looks like Amazon is lining up a quad-core, high resolution device to compete with the iPad and Android tablets.

The new information comes from a leaked benchmark, reporting on an Amazon built device running on Android 4.2.2 and revealing the hardware details.

The newly discovered specs corroborate those of a previously reported rumour that gave the same resolution for the 8.9-inch model, as well as suggesting the same chipset.

Should this all be true, the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD would be one of the sharpest tablets available: the Nexus 10 offers the same resolution, but on a 10-inch display, meaning the Kindle's pixel density will be higher.

It's been suggested that Amazon will make the announcement at the IFA 2013 trade show in early September, but we suspect that the company will want to avoid conflict with the announcements from the likes of Sony and Samsung, preferring it's own event in Santa Monica.

Any Amazon Kindle Fire HD refresh is likely to be initially for the US markets, with the company often delaying launch in other territories.