Texas Instruments is in talks with Amazon about the sale of its smartphone and tablet OMAP chip technology, according to reports.

In September, Texas Instruments (TI) announced it was moving away from the mobile space, instead focusing on “embedded systems” and a “wider market”.

However, Amazon is seemingly a big fan of TI’s chips, having used one in the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, and as such is said to be interested in acquiring the technology for future Kindle Fire devices and possibly smartphones.

Neither Amazon nor Texas Instruments have commented on the speculation, but Reuters cites reliable source Assaf Gilad, who claims such a deal would be worth “billions of dollars”. 

Should the deal take place, Amazon would have greater control, as well as resources, in developing the chips used in its mobile devices.

Any such acquisition could also resurrect the OMAP5 platform, a chip TI was working on before its announcement that it was moving away from the mobile space.