Amazon has decided to use Nokia’s mapping services in its new range of Kindle Fires, according to reports, and despite the company’s relationship with Google. 

At least one Kindle Fire tablet is expected to be announced on Thursday 6 September at a launch in Los Angeles and Yahoo is claiming the tablets will use maps from Nokia Oyj.

The inclusion of the mapping software will provide navigation, information on local businesses and as integration of third-party mapping applications.

Amazon has had a relationship with Google in the past, having used a tweaked version of its Android platform for the original Kindle Fire. However, a new Kindle Fire would see it go head to head with the Google Nexus 7, a device with full mapping software.

In order for the next-gen Kindle Fire to make the most of these services Amazon will need to kit the tablet with a GPS receiver, though they could also be achieved through Wi-Fi triangulation – limited in that you need a Wi-Fi connection for it to work.

Amazon bought UpNext, a 3D mapping specialist company back in July. Nokia recently demoed its own 3D mapping credentials to Pocket-lint, so it will be interesting to see what, if any, 3D maps are introduced in Amazon’s next Kindle devices.

Pocket-lint has since spoken to Nokia which, though noncommittal, certainly didn't rule out any such partnership with Amazon. "We don't comment on rumours anyway, but you know we are open to co-operate with as many partners as possible," Nokia said.