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(Pocket-lint) - An image of the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 , purporting to be the real deal, has turned up online showing what the new 7-inch tablet from the bookseller will look like on its expected launch on 6 September. 

Sent to gadget site The Verge by an anonymous tipster, shows the rather uninspiring-looking tablet with rounded corners and plenty of on-screen menu shortcut buttons. It doesn't help that the image is of the on-screen keyboard and a search page and nothing else.  

"We're not sure which model we're looking at here, but the scale of the keyboard suggests that 7 inches is more likely," says the site, referring of course to the fact that there are expected to be two Kindle Fire 2 models - a 7-inch version and a 10-inch version. 

The site claim to have another image, which it's been asked not to publish. It says this shows a streamlined user interface with less "chrome". It's unclear whether this refined UI will make it to the production model.

Other details to be gleaned from the single photo? There will be a front-facing camera and a big delete key. 

Amazon announced on Thursday that it had sold out of the original Kindle Fire - perfect timing, considering its press conference confirmation that the Kindle Fire 2 is scheduled for 6 September. 

Meanwhile, in possibly related news, Amazon's Appstore has launched in UK and Europe.

UPDATE After a reader suggested the first picture could have been an early prototype, more images have appeared on The Verge imply the first picture was genuine.

The biggest indicator in the new images is that the Kindle Fire 2 will have Skype, or another Voip service, compatibility.

Interesting times.

amazon kindle fire 2 images turn up ahead of schedule image 2
Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.