Amazon has said it will hold a press conference in Santa Monica on the 6 September to launch what is expected to be the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

The invite, which is just the company's logo and the words "Please Join us for a press conference", is giving nothing away. But with rumours circling for sometime that the company is prepping a follow-up to the original Kindle Fire launched in the US in 2011 that's what everyone is expecting, just in time to take on an iPad mini, and the Nexus 7.

So far Amazon hasn't detailed whether there will be a UK event to tie in with the one in California, but you can be sure that Pocket-lint will cover all the latest news, whatever it may be, as and when it happens.

With confirmed events from Nokia and Motorola already that week, and the expected launch details of the Nintendo Wii U and even possibly the iPhone 5 the week after, the beginning of September looks busy. Best start saving now, or at least extending the limit on your credit card.