While the tech fraternity works itself up into a frenzy as to whether we’ll be seeing an iPad Mini, Amazon could be set to go in the opposite direction by increasing the size of its display for the next version of the Kindle Fire.

According to the same report in the New York Times that confirmed the existence of the iPad Mini, the much talked about Kindle Fire 2 will house a display that will rival the current iPad’s 9.7-inch screen, in terms of size.

"Amazon is working on a new version of the Kindle Fire, with a larger display, that could compete more directly with the iPad, according to a developer briefed on Amazon’s plans who did not want to be identified talking about unannounced products," the NY Times reports.

Speculation has been mounting that Amazon is set to unveil a new Kindle Fire in the wake of the Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface tablets and the continual dominance of the iPad.

Amazon recently purchased a 3D mapping company, suggesting mapping would be an integral part of the next-gen Kindle Fire and now, according to the New York Times, we can factor a larger screen into the mix too.

The original Kindle Fire has a 7-inch display though the device itself has never officially been released here in the UK, with some suggesting that the Kindle Fire 2 will in fact be the first device to land in Brits hands.

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