Amazon has been firing out invites for an event this Wednesday (28 September) and the industry has decided that this can only mean one thing - it's Kindle tablet time.

"Wednesday is tablet day," BGC partners analyst Colin Gillis told Reuters. "The real issue here is that, you know, it is likely going to be good for consumers; is this going to be good for shareholders? Knowing Amazon, it is likely to be a very aggressive price."

If you’ve been following the rumours, you’ll know that Amazon is poised to release a 7-inch tablet that will run a customised variation of Android and could come in at less than $300.

It's widely touted that the tablet will simply be known as the Amazon Kindle, which is of course the name given to the company's massively popular ereader.

And it looks as if there's going to be plenty of ereading action on board the tab, with Digital Reader cracking some code on the Amazon website that suggests that the premium ebook renting facility for Amazon Prime users is almost ready to go.

But what's more interesting is that further digging into the code has revealed that there are new management options for Kindle users coming, that point toward Cloud Drive access from a new device.

"One of the attributes will track whether a given Kindle can have the personal documents backed up onto Amazon’s servers," reads the report. "Now, we don’t know that current Kindles will get the personal document support, but it’s clear that some piece of Kindle hardware will be getting that support. That’s the whole point of “Pdocs_Archival_Support."

Interesting stuff, we're sure you'll agree. Roll on Wednesday...

UPDATE: Techcrunch, who has already supposedly played with the device, is now claiming that it will be called the Kindle Fire.

"On Wednesday morning in New York City, Amazon will unveil the Kindle Fire. Yes, this is the name Amazon has settled on, to help differentiate the product from the e-ink Kindles, which will still be very much alive and for sale. And while Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will show off the Fire on stage, it won’t be ready to ship until the second week of November, we’ve learned," reports the site.