The Amazon tablet saga has taken another twist, with our old friends "people familiar with the matter" stating that the tablet will arrive by October, with two updated versions of the Kindle coming even before that - with a Q3 release touted.

Starting with the tablet, which we've heard rumours of before ("stay tuned" said CEO Jeff Bazos in May of the "Hollywood" codenamed device) the familiar peeps are saying that the tablet will be outsourced to an "Asian manufacturer" but that another model "of its own design" could come next year. This sits nicely with the two Android tablet rumours that have circulated before (codename Coyote for the other).

This year's purported tab is said to be an Android 9-incher, but weirdly won't include a camera. It will provide easy access to buy and rent the wealth of Amazon digital content.

The two new Kindle rumours also come courtesy of "people familiar with the matter" and suggest that we're looking at the traditional black and white E Ink setup, although there is talk of one of the Kindles being touchscreen.

There's no official word, of course, but we'll be following this rumour mill with a close eye. If Amazon does make the jump to tablets, and enjoys even half the success it has with its only other hardware - the Kindle - the market is in for a big shake-up.