With one eye obviously on CES, where we fully expect to see a wealth of Android and Windows based tablets (well, a few at least) announced, Amazon has declared that it is ready to introduce a tablet friendly app for both platforms.

Working along the same lines as its already massively successful iPad app, the Kindle Android and Windows tablet app will tap into the "Buy Once, Read Everywhere" Amazon ethos and be optimised for "LCD tablet computers".

"Kindle is light weight, easy on the eyes with a paper-like Pearl e-ink display, and has a full month of battery life. It’s purpose-built for reading. Many people are buying both a Kindle and an LCD tablet computer", said Dorothy Nicholls, director of Amazon Kindle.

"We’re very excited to support the upcoming Android and Windows LCD tablet computers with free Kindle apps that we’ll tailor for the particular devices. Our Whispersync technology makes it simple to move back and forth between devices. Read on your Kindle, read on your tablet, read on your phone. We’ll keep track of your last page read, and make it easy".

There's no date as to when we'll be seeing the new apps arrive, but don't be surprised if you see them strutting their stuff during some CES demos.