Amazon has, at last, launched its first dedicated retail iPad app, Amazon Windowshop, which it states is "a complete rewrite of specifically for the iPad".

The app provides a smooth, tablet-friendly version of the humongous online store, with all the aspects that you'd expect, such as your wish-list, account centre and shopping cart.

Plus, Amazon has introduced sharing items via Facebook, Twitter or email and there's plenty of sample videos available too.

"Amazon Windowshop is a top-to-bottom rewrite of - designed and built without compromise just for iPad", said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

"Try it. I think you'll find it's an amazing new way to shop Amazon's millions of items. Same selection, same low prices, same fast delivery, same benefits of your Amazon Prime membership - just a completely new, fluid interface designed specifically for lean-back, touch screen tablets",

The app isn't yet showing in the UK App Store, so sign up for a US account if you simply can't wait for the UK version to arrive.