The Acer Iconia Tab A200 has made an appearance in a leaked promo video, showing off a select few features whilst keeping any majorly juicy details secret. 

The first shot shows kids camping around the fire, eating marshmallows and playing with the Tab. This could either be to display its calming effects on young ones when trapped on the top of a mountain, like the one we see in the first shot. Or it may be to show off the tablet's gaming power, likely meaning the device features some sort of quad-core CPU. 

We then see instant USB connectivity, from camera to tablet and e-books being read on what appears to be a rather sharp and high quality display. Acer makes an appearance next, which from the looks of it is a means to share media wirelessly with your TV and other devices. 

The A200's front facing web cam is displayed in a rather interesting section which sees the family communicate with an elderly man via tablet. He appears to be in an entirely white room, either due to the fact he is in heaven, or works as a photographer, so knows his lighting. Either way the feedback is pin sharp, there is however no details onto the camera's resolution or display's and the footage is just a likely a mock-up.

The Acer Ring makes and appearance during the video conversation. It appears to be some sort of task manager or quick program launcher and points to a non Vanilla Android experience on the A200. We also know the device supports microSD as the video explains, it is capable of "sharing memories" with them. 

No definite info on whether the tablet is going to be Honeycomb or ICS, nor do we have any real finite tech specs, just this rather heartwarming leak video. We will have more on the A200 as further details are announced. 

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