It's no surprise that Acer is going to be launching some tablets in 2011 (who isn't?) as the Taiwanese company revealed to the world that it would at an event back in November.

But what is surprising, considering its rich history in the market (and the fact that it has just released a new model - the Aspire One 522 HD) is that a company top-dog has stated that the tablet launches are "aimed at phasing out netbooks".

Acer's Taiwan sales manager Lu Bing-hsian also said that Acer won't be going down the Tegra 2 route for its slates - and instead will release two or three Intel Sandy Bridge based machines, ranging from 7- to 10-inches.

Lu stated that Acer will continue making netbooks, but they will be simple models and there will be less manufactured than in the past. "That’s the direction of the market", he said.

Acer has been a big, big player in the netbook market with the Aspire One range enjoying huge success.

Maybe Steve Jobs was right though, maybe netbooks are no good after all.

Is the tablet going to kill the netbook? What do you guys think? Give us your opinion using the comments below.

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