It used to be that you would wait for an official launch to get the low down on the latest gadgets, now you just trawl internet shopping sites.

B&H photo in New York is the latest online retailer leak out details of the latest gadget, this time the Archos Android powered internet tablet that isn’t officially getting a unveiling until 15 September.

The new model, according to listings will come in a 32GB, 16GB SSD models and 160GB and 500GB hard drive models. Prices have since been change to TBA, however ArchosFans caught them when they were to the tune of $294 for 16GB SSD, $370 for 32GB SSD, $320 for 160GB HDD, and $420 for a 500GB HDD.

Like previous Archos devices, it also looks like the Archos 5 Internet Tablet will come with an optional docking station.

Rumours for the Archos version suggest 720p video support, HDMI output, and natively embedded OpenGL libraries.

More details on the 15 September.

We will keep you posted.