A new internet tablet design is due to be revealed this month with the interesting twist that it has been created by a tech blogger with input from readers.

Michael Arrington, the founder of the TechCrunch blogs, is to offer the "Crunchpad", described as a touchscreen tablet "designed for web surfing, video chat and light email use".

Following posts asking for input on the TechCrunch blog, and the unveiling of a concept design, Arrington has now created his own hardware company with the formation of Singapore-based Crunchpad Inc, which now boasts 14 employees.

"There's factories that just churn stuff out. It's pretty simple", said Arrington on the Far Eastern hardware manufacturing process.

The Atom-powered Crunchpad should offer a 12-inch, 1024 x 768 capacitive touchscreen, 4GB storage, a webcam, USB hook-up, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A prototype of the new tablet - that's due to come in at less than $200 - is due to be revealed later this month. We will keep you posted.