Archos has announced a collaboration with Intel to develop and bring to market its new generation of "MiniPCs" based on the Intel Atom processor as well as Intel's next-gen "Moorestown" platform.

As well as the already-announced Archos 10, a 10-inch netbook (or MiniPC as Archos call 'em) the company will launch its second model the Archos "10s" in April.

The 10s is a new "ultra-slim" model measuring 20mm thick, apparently compared to around 30mm for current competitor's products.

The Archos 10s will offer 3.5G functionality in addition to full Wi-Fi capability. Powered by the Intel Atom processor, it will offer 1GB of memory, Windows XP Home and 60 to 160GB hard drive options.

In Q3 of this year, Archos has unveiled plans to launch a "revolutionary" keyboard-less 9-inch MiniPC tablet that will offer a virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition.

Archos says this Atom-powered model will weigh in at around 0.8kg and measure 17mm thick - set to be one of the thinnest and lightest devices in its class.

Archos recently announced it was developing an Android-based tablet that would offer smartphone abilities as well as media and internet browsing.

In addition, Archos has revealed it is working with Intel on future "MiniPC tablets", or MIDs as everyone else calls them, based on Intel's Moorestown platform scheduled to launch by 2010.