Launching this month are three new peripherals from Genius, the NumPad Pro, G-Pen F610 and Eye 312.

The G-Pen F610 (£69.99) is a slim pen, or graphics-type tablet for PC or Mac, with a working area of 6-inches by 10-inches (to match widescreen LCD monitor's dimensions) and a pressure sensitive cordless pen.

The tablet claims to offer better control than a mouse as the cursor moves precisely where you position the pen making
it ideal for writing, drawing, sketching and signing.

It boasts a slim design with 29 programmable "hot keys" and 1024-level pressure sensitivity for accurate control of density and thickness.

It's aimed as ideal for use with built-in Vista functions such as note taking, email signing, handwriting recognition and pen flick navigation.

The NumPad Pro (£12.99) is a slim USB numeric keypad, it features a retractable cable and two-in-one design offering both keypad and 12 digit calculator modes with a 12 digit LCD display.

The NumPad Pro adds the convenience of a full numeric layout to your notebook - particularly useful in spreadsheet, accounting or financial applications.

The Eye 312 300k pixel webcam (£14.99) with snapshot button and built-in microphone, can be desktop mounted or clipped to all sizes of notebooks and LCD monitors with a 360 degree rotation.

Bundled software allows direct uploading to YouTube plus security monitoring and animated "Avatar" creation.