Have you ever wanted a Chrome OS tablet?

Well, you can buy the pricey Pixelbook hybrid, which can transform from a touchscreen laptop into a tablet of sorts, or you can wait for Acer's upcoming tablet. Acer, of course, hasn't confirmed it is developing a Chrome OS tablet, but a now-deleted tweet surfaced online recently with an image of what appears to be a Chrome OS tablet made by Acer.

According to ChromeUnboxed, the leaked image was originally captured by an attendee at the Bett education and technology show in London. In the photo, you can see the Acer logo on the device's bottom bezel. The tablet display itself looks like its between 8 and 10 inches, and it reportedly works with a Staedtler stylus. But that's all we know.

Google’s Chrome OS can be found powering several Chromebook laptops, but it has yet to come to standalone tablet devices. Google has hinted in the past, however, that it wanted to work with hardware partners on building a variety of form factors for Chrome OS - whether that be convertibles, hybrids, detachables, or tablets.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more. There's a chance that, if this thing is legit, it might pop up at Google I/O this May. See our Google I/O 2018 guide here for more details on what to expect from the show.