Archos has announced it is opening up the technology in its Smart Home system to the market’s standards, meaning the system will now be compatible with connected devices from other brands.

Archos' Smart Home lets you remotely monitor your home. When the system launched, it worked with Connected Objects by Archos such as the Motion Ball monitor, Weather Tag, Movement Tag, Smart plug, and more. All of these things were controlled by 433MHz technology inside an Archos tablet called Gateway. And now, the Gateway tablet can act as a control center for devices from major brands.

Archos has also launched a new Learn and Control feature that lets users connect and control home accessories such as garage doors, plugs, lamps, etc. The company noted that Smart Home is also compatible with IFTTT, an ultimate automation service for all your internet-connected services. It is actually easy to figure out...once you get past all the clunky lingo it uses like "triggers" and "channels".

“We are in an era where we want to control everything, and the home is central in this trend," said Loic Poirier, CEO of Archos. "No matter if we’re at work or anywhere else, we like knowing what’s happening at home and we want to be able to manage it, even when we’re not there. With the open Smart Home system, Archos is aiming to be a leading player in the home of the future."

To complement the Smart Home system now being open, Archos has dropped the price of the Gateway tablet to £99.

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