After the outstanding success of the Tesco Hudl, it comes as no surprise that the UK supermarket chain would come up with a sequel and, indeed, it has been talking about one for some time.

However, bar a tease from the then Tesco CEO Philip Clarke (since sacked) that it would be "enhanced", little else is really know about the company's plans for the device.

At least, that was until the invite arrived at Pocket-lint HQ in the form of a bespoke magic 8-ball with tantalising clues inside. So, having taken a stab at deciphering them, here's what we now think we'll see at the 3 October event in London.

There seems to be 10 clues in total (a normal magic 8-ball has 20 answers), plus a massive one on the invite itself, so we'll break down each and attempt to give an indication to what they mean. Bear in mind that this is guesswork, so a different picture might emerge on the day, but we're pretty sure we'll be in the same ballpark at least.

We want to show you the bigger picture

The included invite clearly hints at a larger screen and we'd guess that means the Hudl 2 will have an 8- or 8.9-inch screen as the original Hudl had a 7-inch display. If we were pushed, we think it would be the smaller of the two suggestions. While Google is tipped to be bringing out an 8.9-inch Nexus 9 tablet in the near future, the more common size for Android tablets is settling at 8-inches.

We're not sure who will be providing the display technology, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has been very popular at the entry to mid-level for tablets. And the recently released Nvidia Shield Tablet adopts an 8-inch screen too.

Plus, there's a further hint in the next clue...


Make it eight

Yep, this one kind-of puts the screen size argument to bed. It doesn't say "make it 8.9", but admittedly the manufacturer of the 8-ball might not have been able to render points on the floating die inside.

See more clearly

Onto the magic 8-ball and one of the answers clearly associated with the display is "see more clearly". And unless it refers to a bump in specifications for both front and rear cameras (which will undoubtedly happen anyway) we are more confident that it relates to the screen resolution.

The original Tesco Hudl had a screen resolution of 1440 x 900, which was impressive for the price - £120 at the time. That equated as 242ppi, so the next model will be higher than that if the 8-ball is anything to go by.

Although it could be higher, we suspect that because Tesco will want to keep the new model at around the same price point, the screen will be Full HD. And its 1920 x 1080 resolution will equate to 275ppi if it is 8-inches as we suspect. Definitely a jump in clarity.

Go faster

This clue most likely relates to the processor. Although it could equally mean that the Wi-Fi connectivity could be enhanced, last year's model had dual-band Wi-Fi already so bar 802.11ac, we can't see much happening here.

The original Hudl's processor however was a 1.5GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 with Mali 400 quad-core graphics and 1GB of RAM. All of those can be improved upon. A leaked document did mention the name Tesco next to the ARM Cortex-A17 chipset earlier this year, so that's a distinct possibility.

Of course, it really depends on which manufacturer is building the devices for Tesco this year. Will we see a switch to a Qualcomm or Nvidia processor instead? Rumours are that Google is about to switch to the Nvida Tegra K1 SoC for example.

Save more, share more

Storage is most likely behind part of this 8-ball clue, either on board or in the cloud. The original Hudl was limited to 16GB of internal storage, albeit with a microSD card slot that could expand it by a further 32GB. So, we suspect the Hudl 2 will have 32GB of on board storage, therefore, again with a microSd card slot for further expansion.

The "share more" segment of the phrase could relate more to the cloud, with perhaps a deal in place with one of the major services to give you free remote storage. Maybe Tesco is also going to launch its own cloud service during the event? We wouldn't be that surprised if it did.

Access more

The first Hudl did have access to Google Play and all the Google services, even though it also promoted its own services heavily, so we'd expect that to continue. But we have to admit that this clue is perhaps a bit more ambiguous than others, so we're not so convinced we know what it directly refers to.

However, it could be related to the fact that the Tesco-owned Blinkbox movies and music services have grown dramatically in the last year, with more content than ever before and perhaps you get a free subscription to each, at least on a trial basis?

Buy with Boost

This is much more simple, it refers to the Clubcard Boost scheme that allows customers to purchase the existing Hudl, Hudl accessories or even furniture by swapping their Clubcard vouchers for Boost tokens.

For every £5 in Clubcard vouchers swapped, customers get £10 in Boost tokens, which will clearly be accepted as payment for a Hudl 2.

Make life easier

What we take from this is that the user interface will have been given a redesign to simplify actions and, essentially, help you buy products from Tesco as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To be honest, it sounds more like a mission statement than a feature.

Colour your world

The last Tesco Hudl came in four colours and this trend is bound to continue with the Hudl 2. The coloured backs of the original were popular and we could even see a greater on offer than the black, purple, red and blue options last time around.

The card invite suggests so too, with white, orange, pick and cyan blocks joining the previous colours.

For everyone

We mulled over this one for a while, but a considered guess would be that it refers to family profiles, as seen on tablet devices from Amazon and Nook.

Each member of the family will be able to have a profile set up on the tablet so their apps, shopping experiences and even wallpapers can be customised depending on their own tastes (or age, in the case of kids).

The Tesco Hudl was very much aimed at the family unit and allowing for different profiles for each member makes sense.


Is what Tesco is hoping you'll say when asked the question, "Would you like to buy a Hudl 2?"

The Tesco #Letshudl press event is being held in London on 3 October from 9am. Pocket-lint will be there, reporting back on the Hudl 2 and any surprises as they are revealed. Join us to find out if we're right about any of the above.