Google's Project Tango will become a reality for consumers by 2015, it's claimed.

According Forbes and several other publications, Google announced at the I/O developer conference on 26 June that it is working with LG on a consumer device.

The announcement followed a few demos that showed off Project Tango's potential. While plans are still in the early stages, Google's Advanced Technology and Projects team said it has partnered with LG. The two companies will build a Project Tango tablet and release it for consumers next year.

The ATAP team behind Project Tango released a phone prototype in February that has already got developers making apps. Current developer prototypes rely on a camera, motion sensor, and software to do things like track your path and elevation.

Although LG and the ATAP team haven't revealed any details about pricing or specs, it did showcase another developer prototype (as seen above). The 7-inch tablet featured a tiny camera with a wide peripheral vision as well as a motion-tracking camera and integrated depth sensing.

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Google debuted Project Tango earlier this year alongside an Android-based smartphone prototype and developer kit that comes with advanced 3D sensors. From helping the visually impaired navigate indoors to 3D scanning objects or creating augmented reality gaming worlds, the possibilities are vast.

We've contacted LG and Google for information and will update if we learn more.