The BBC has confirmed that hit 80s TV show Danger Mouse is to return to the BBC and it's CBBC kids channel later this year after a 23-year hiatus. 

The white-clad rodent, originally voiced by Sir David Jason, will be getting an update for the 21st Century with his infamous eye-patch supposedly becoming and "i-patch" with with multiple state-of-the art functions.

waiting for the return of danger mouse he s ready to clean your tablet right now image 2

But while we wait for the TV shows to come back, Stickems, a company that makes screen cleaners that stick to the back of your tablet or smartphone, has launched a range of Danger Mouse branded cleaners. to keep you iPad or Nexus 7 clean. 

The sticky backed cleaner suckers to the back of your gadget ready to be used to keep those smudges off your screen. 

Once dirty, you can even gently wash the stickem to revive their stick. And those that are worried about it leaving a gooey residue on the back of your tablet, don't be, it leaves zero marks.