(Pocket-lint) - DreamWorks Studios and Nabi-tablet manufacturer Fuhu have partnered to produce an 8-inch Android tablet for kids that will cost less than $300.

The New York Times reported that the tablet, called Dreamtab, will automatically receive regular updates. These updates will bring original content created by DreamWorks - and everything will be optimised for tablet-viewing, naturally.

Nancy Bernstein, a DreamWorks animation producer, said DreamWorks was developing a series of "character moments" for the Dreamtab that will feature characters from DreamWorks movies. These episodes will even boast tablet-oriented scenes that sort of break the fourth wall.

Bernstein detailed how the character Shrek, for instance, might appear in a skit to "announce that it is time to power down". Kids will subsequently learn when it's time to turn off the tablet and how to do so. There will also be parental timing controls available, among other features.

DreamWorks' DreamTab will notably come with a stylus, too. In fact, it will have the "same stylus technology that DreamWorks artists use to make movies", meaning children will be able to draw along or learn how to draw with their original content.

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The Dreamtab will launch this spring with a line of DreamWorks-compatible accessories, such as headphones, bumpers and cases. A 12-inch version of the Android tablet is also in the works.

Writing by Elyse Betters.