(Pocket-lint) - Online retailer eBay has published research data compiled by analytics firm Conlumino, revealing that Brits are buying smaller tablets on eBay in droves and using them to shop more often.

The research data showed that 60 per cent of Brits are shopping more - and that is thanks to the convenience of tablets. The results also documented an uptake in smaller tablets, which is probably why Brits are shopping more while on the go. In fact, 60 per cent of all tablets bought on eBay in the last three months were smaller tablets.

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Consumer research in Conlumino's study came from a survey that questioned 1,205 tablet-owning consumers in the UK during December 2013. Almost 60 per cent claimed they bought a small tablet because they wanted to carry it around, while 70 per cent said they use their tablets on the go, and 43 per cent wanted something that fits in a handbag.

Conlumino speculated that the popularity of smaller tablets is fuelling a mobile shopping trend. Eighty per cent of British respondents said they use their devices to shop, and more than 60 per cent said they will do more Christmas shopping because of their new tablet.

Analysis conducted by eBay also showed that customers who shop on a tablet, in addition to another device, typically spend twice as much on eBay as those who shop on a desktop.

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Additional research data stats include: 71 per cent of tablet users like to shop on the sofa, 50 per cent admitted to shopping in bed, and evenings are a peak time for shopping with a tablet.

Writing by Elyse Betters.