LG is rumoured to be the manufacturer Google has turned to for a possible 8-inch Nexus tablet. The LG V510 - which has previously been spied on a Bluetooth Special Interest Group listing as undergoing tests for Bluetooth certification - is now being linked to the software giant through a database entry.

Perpetual leak publisher @evleaks has posted a Twitter entry claiming that a tip had confirmed the LG V510 is, indeed, a Nexus device. Where the database entry original appeared or what it exactly relates to is unknown, but the source of the tweet is more often right than wrong.

The listing uses the V510 model number along with buyer details as "USG/Google_open_16G (United States)".

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The size of the tablet has not been revealed, but it is speculated that as the V510 designation is close to the V500 model number for the LG G Pad 8.3, this is a variant for Google. That therefore could mean that the device is a Nexus 8.

Google certainly has a good working relationship with the Korean company, with the last two Nexus smartphones being made by the manufacturer.