After Barnes & Noble dropped the price of its Nook Glowlight eReader to £49 a few weeks ago we had suspicions a new model was on its way, and now it's arrived. The Barnes & Noble Glowlight update has advanced the device to make it lighter, brighter and with more pixels packed into that display.

The new Glowlight weighs just 175g. Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite's 213g it's an impressive offering for weary wrists. The display is a Pearl screen that does away with the full-screen flashes that have plagued E Ink panels for a long time. Take note Amazon. And despite being faster it's also crammed in more pixels - 62 per cent more than its predecessor to be exact.

The chunky bezel has remained, allowing for a good grip while reading. This is surrounded by a silicone band that acts as a protector of the edges as well as offering a little more grip.

On the software side Barnes & Noble claims the recommendation system features insights from booksellers to help offer "intuitive leaps to readers broadening their horizons". As opposed to the algorithmic-only method of Amazon.

Check back soon for our test result and release date details when we get one of these $119 (£75) units - we can't wait.