The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight from Barnes & Noble now has a new price of just £49, making it the only front lit eBook reader in the UK with such a feature set to sell for such an affordable price.

The newly priced Nook Simple Touch GlowLight will be on sale from today, in time for Christmas.

"No other eReader in the UK anywhere near this price has an integrated light, sits comfortably and lightly in the hand and has a battery that will last up to two months," said Jim Hilt, managing director of Barnes & Noble. "It's an unbeatable value for one of our best-loved and most highly acclaimed products, making now the perfect time to choose an eReader for yourself or for your favourite reader as an early Christmas present."

With this eReader you're getting access to Barnes & Noble's 2.5 million books, newspapers and magazines. The device itself is less than 200g, touchscreen, and has a soft-touch back for easy grip. The battery should last you a good month on a charge and there are plenty of font, screensaver or photo options to personalise your device.

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