Its date of effectiveness may have expired 13 years ago and time travel might still be beyond most of us, but who can hand-on-heart say they have never wanted a copy of the Grays Sports Almanac from Back to the Future Part II?

Sadly, you can't have the real deal as the studio prop version was sold to a collector for $11,070 (including taxes and fees) at the end of 2011, but has come up with a great alternative, a padded Back to the Future iPad Case that is designed front and back around the slip case from the book in the film.

Costing £19.99 and exclusive to the online gadget retailer, the case even features the same spelling mistakes on the back of the cover that featured on the prop version in the movie. Clearly the production team didn't have the time to spellcheck it. Ironic really, considering the theme of the franchise.

Inside the cover is a frame to keep the iPad safe and secure. Firebox doesn't list which model it is available for, but we'd expect it to work with iPad 2 and up. Worth checking, however.

The Back to the Future iPad Case is available on now. You can carry around your iPad in one while wearing Nike's Air Mag BTTF Limited Edition trainers, if you like.

All you need is a flying car.