The team from hit email app Mailbox (currently available on iPhone) says it is pursing iPad and Android versions of the software, following its acquisition by Dropbox. 

In two separate tweets from the official Mailbox account, the team said: “An iPad version is in the works” and "Other platforms are coming down the road - including Android," offering no further details of a roadmap for the releases. Mailbox has been widely acclaimed as the go-to iOS default replacement, because of its email sorting capabilities and sleekness, so more platforms are definitely appreciated.

The Mailbox team built buzz for the iPhone app's launch earlier this spring by creating a queue system that reached up-to one million users hoping to get access. In the meantime, Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox, leading to more servers and the end of the queue system.

Furthermore, Mailbox says it is also considering a Mac application for those who prefer sorting email from the desktop. It's great to see that, unlike Google-owned Sparrow, Mailbox is keeping its wits even after acquisition.

Mailbox told Pocket-lint: "Our goal is to expand Mailbox to as many platforms and devices as possible."