Tech enthusiast brands ThinkGeek and Scottevest have paired up for a new tech-focused jacket that seems perfect for any geek who carriers multiple gadgets every day. 

Scottevest is known for its tech-enabled clothing, with support for a lot of different device sizes. The new Tropiformer Jacket is a tech and travel-focused jacket that has 22 integrated pockets.

Inside the jacket there is a "PadPocket" which is specifically designed to carry a tablet - even at 10-inches. There is also a "Quick Draw pocket" that is made up of a clear touch material that lets you use your phone while inside -- no need to remove it. Other various sized pockets are included in the Tropiformer, and Scottevest describes a locking pocket for valuables that has a one-way, locking zipper.

For the fashion bunch in the crowd, the Tropiformer's sleeves are removable, held in place by magnets, transforming the jack into a vest quite easily. Scottevest says it is built with a "selection of a luxurious, high-tech fabric and a subtle mesh back that is super lightweight, extremely comfortable, and breathable" that is also water resistant. 

Within the jacket there is room to route cords. Headphones and power cables can be routed to play music from a device within a pocket or put a battery pack in one pocket and charge devices in your other pockets. 

“This is one of those products that fits ThinkGeek’s audience exceptionally well,” said ThinkGeek's  Steve Zimmermann. “Working with TEC [Scottevest] to come up with something that covers every kind of gadget has been incredible and we’re proud to be an exclusive retailer of the new Tropiformer.”

The Tropiformer is now available for $150 (£98) in blue, cement, pewter, red and green at Scottevest and ThinkGeek.