Scosche wants to make your charging life simpler with the launch of the Scosche CoverCharge, a clever accessory for your Apple iPad. 

We’ve all been in that situation where your device chargers take up more space than the devices themselves (we’re embellishing slightly), but the Scosche CoverCharge caught our attention because it’s so simple.

The accessory slips over the standard Apple iPad charger, expanding the number of USB sockets to two. You can then plug in your cable and charge whatever you like.

scosche covercharge makes your ipad charger twice as useful image 2

No need for more chargers, no need for more mains sockets, you just need an additional USB power cable appropriate to your device, be that an iPhone, if you're double fisting Apple, or other smartphone.

We caught up with Scosche at the CU Exposed tech show in London where it showed us the new gadget. It hasn’t yet been officially launched, but we’ve had the price confirmed and when it’s only £11.99, why wouldn’t you want one?

The Scosche CoverCharge will be hitting stores soon.