So you're baking a cake and have the recipe on your iPad, a bowl to be stirred and gunk all over your hands so you can't swipe to the next page of instructions, what do you do? Normally, you'd have to wash and dry your hands before continuing, thereby taken up tens of seconds of vital cake-making time. But with the iSpoon Kitchen Stylus, you can crack on without having to down tools.

Jordan Murphy's iSpoon, you see, has a wooden spoon at one end and capacitive stylus material at the other. It can be used to stir hot and cold ingredients, and to interact with a tablet or smartphone by turning it around.

Available on, the iSpoon costs $7 (£5) - which may seem like a lot for a spoon to some, but not to those au fait with the works of Joseph Joseph. And shipping is free within Europe, so it won't cost any more to UK kitchen utensil/iPad fans.

The only problem with the iSpoon Kitchen Stylus at present is that it is completely sold out. Umbra promises that it is "working hard to get more in stock", so keep checking back.

We're also hoping that it will also introduce an iKnife and iFork in the future, although one slip with either of those in stylus mode and you may need an iBath (possibly the worst joke we have ever come up with on Pocket-lint in our ten years... and that's saying something).