Archos has added the Titanium line to its Elements range of Android tablets, introducing a selection of aggressively priced models in a range of sizes.

The Archos Titanium tablets will come in 7, 8, 9.7 and 10.1-inches, cutting a broad swathe through just about every screen size out there. They are said to have a "sleek" aluminium design, which at first glance looks a lot like the white iPad.

But the tablets will all have some features in common. They'll all come with a dual-core 1.6GHz processor, 1GB RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Each will have an IPS display, but obviously the sizes and pixel densities differ.

The 7-inch is looking to compete with the likes of the Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It's priced at £99, which is appealing. The 8-inch comes in at £149, giving you a little extra screen size.

Moving up, the Archos 101 Titanium, 10.1-inches, falls in against things like the big Samsung tablet. It's priced at £169, so it's still very affordable.

The star of the show, however, seems to be the Archos 97 Titanium HD. We say it's the star, because Archos is supplying the most information about it and it's detailed fully on its website, whereas the others are barely mentioned.

The 97 Titanium gets that additional HD tag because of the increased screen resolution. It has a 2048 x 1563 display, so although not the highest definition you'll find on a tablet, it's certainly up there.

The price gets up there too: it's £199, which although not hugely expensive, is a step up over the larger 10.1-inch device.

The Archos 97 Titanium has 8GB of internal memory with the option of expanding via microSD. There's a 5-megapixel camera on the rear and 2-megapixel on the front.

With all these tablets offering the same core hardware, we'd expect the experience to be pretty similar across the range, from a performance point of view at least. With these being Archos tablets, you can expect wide support for varied video formats.

No word on exactly when these tablets will be available to buy, but the Archos 97 Titanium is already listed for purchase through the Archos website.