From the people who brought you the PowerDock and PowerDock 2 comes, yes, the Griffin PowerDock 5 at CES 2013. As the name suggest, the PowerDock 5 can charge not one but five iOS devices at the very same time.

Why is this good? Well, the plan is that you can put the PowerDock 5 somewhere in the communal parts of your abode and all who live there can then charge up their tablets, phones and pods as needed - at the same time. The design of the dock apparently leaves enough room to neatly stack all the hardware no matter how chunky the case or cover on each one might be. It will work with Lightning or 30-pin and can be yours for $99 come spring 2013.

griffin powerdock 5 family idevice charger image 2

On top of that Griffin has also taken the time to update much of its power and music accessory line up to the recently introduced Lightning format. Of note is the Griffin StudioConnect all-in-one stand and interface which allows users to plug in all sorts of instruments direct to their iPad as well as multiple lines out. The StudioConnect with Lightning will set you back $149, again, in Spring 2013.

Finally, Griffin has also brought out its Survivor case lines for the iPhone 5. There are cases, skins and the full package.