Christmas time is almost here, but if you are still wondering about the best tablets to choose from, here is the Argos top five for under the tree and beyond.

The new Kindle Fire from Argos is Amazon's 7-inch tablet and one that is great for when you're just kicking around the house. Running Amazon's own version of Android, it comes with a really good browser, email, and most of the apps you'll want to use from the sofa. At £199 for the 32GB model it's a lot cheaper than your average tablet too.

The new, new iPad from Apple is considered one of the best tablets on the market for a reason. The stunning display, the huge processing power, and the biggest selection of apps make this the one to go for if budget is no object.

With Samsung Galaxy tablets proving popular, the pick of the bunch is the Note 10.1, complete with its own S-Pen, or stylus. The idea is that you get the best of both worlds. A 10-inch tablet, but with the added bonus of a stylus to make handwritten notes. Whether you’re drawing, writing, taking notes or just having a bit of a swish about, it’s a great optional extra to have at your disposal.

The Google Nexus 7 now comes with 3G and that means staying connected away from home and on the go. The Nexus 7 was voted the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards tablet of 2012 and with good reason. It's a great device with plenty of power, and running the latest version of Android packed full of software features. We love it.

If you like your iPhone, but think the iPad 4 is too big, then the handbag-friendly iPad mini is the one for you. It loses the Retina display, but still runs all those tablet-friendly apps. It is fast, zippy, easy to use, and for us the iPad to go for if portability is top of your list.