The tablet is going to be top of many a Christmas list this year. An iPad mini or Nexus 7 is exciting, but why not throw in a few specially made accessories for your loved ones' presents?

This being Customisable Christmas at Pocket-lint, we have just the thing. Read on to find out the ultimate personalised gifts for a tablet.

Custom iPad case

It’s an obvious one, but it really makes an iPad feel that little bit more special. CafePress has a fully featured online case customiser. You can choose from a wide range of colours and text as well as upload your own image or graphic.

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There are also difference customisable cases. So you can get something more robust or lightweight, depending on what you want for the iPad. Straightforward, simple and at £30.50, not hugely expensive either.

Custom Kindle case

The Kindle Paperwhite is a brilliant piece of kit. In fact it is up for product of the year in the Pocket-lint gadget awards. Make yourself Christmas present giver of the year with one of these custom four-corner-mount cases from M-Edge.

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You can add anything from an image, to text or a monogram as well as choose the spine colour. The case is put together with premium materials, such as a suede inner and Scotchguard-protected outer.

Slightly more plush than the offerings from CafePress, they can also be made for iPad. They do have to come from the US, unfortunately, so get orders in soon if you want to make Christmas delivery. At $40 they cost around the same as CafePress.

Preload tablet with content

Whether it is an iPad, Nexus or Kindle, preloading the device you are giving with goodies is a great way to add a personal touch. For the Kindle, we suggest downloading a selection of the recipient's favourite books. Alternatively, have a scan of their bookcase, enter the titles into Amazon or iBooks and see what other recommendations come up.

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For apps, everyone has their favourites. If you are already a seasoned iPhone or Android user, then plant a few of your favourites on the tablet. Don’t forget though, there is an app for everyone, so make sure you grab things that suit their tastes. Go by the user reviews as they tend to be accurate.

If you have gone for an iPad, customise things even further by downloading GarageBand and writing your own song. Leave it on the tablet, then treat them to it on Christmas Day. Just make sure it isn’t anything like our efforts.


Apple offers a free engraving service at point of sale on any of its tablets. It is really professionally done and adds a subtle yet personal feel to a fairly ubiquitous device.

Alternatively, you can use a website like In a Flash Laser, which will plant a much bigger engraving on the back of the tablet. This can also be done for Kindles, MacBooks and loads of other devices. There is even multi-colour engraving.

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Items come from the US, so again this is a case of getting orders in early before Christmas. Prices vary, but for an iPad it's around $70.