Fans of iconic Japanese Manga comics can now recreate their favourite characters as well as penning their own, using Wacom's special-edition Manga Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet.

The Bamboo Manga package comes with two pieces of editing software: Manga Studio Debut 4 and Anime Studio Debut 8. Both provide a step-by-step process in creating your cartoons, with the touch pen enabling artists to add finer details than they could if using a PC or Mac. 

The pen itself has an eraser and up to 1,024 pressure-sensitive levels, while artists can pinch and pull to zoom into their work, displayed on the tablet’s touchscreen.

The software includes editing suites, special effects and the ability to change a character’s clothes or facial expression, useful for when creating storyboards. 

Once you’re happy with your artwork, the bundled-in software enables users to bring their drawings alive, turning them into animated films. These can then be uploaded to social networks and other Manga forums.

The Bamboo Manga package is available now for £89.99.