US bookseller Barnes & Noble is to launch Nook Video, a movie and TV show streaming and download service, in both the US and UK.

Featuring content from HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Walt Disney Movies, the new service will work, not only on Nook products, but also TVs, tablets and smartphones through dedicated apps.

The company is also in talks with other studios, but will have an impressive catalogue of standard and high definition films and shows at launch regardless, including The Avengers (aka Avengers Assemble in the UK), Toy Story 3, Brave, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Once purchased, videos will be stored in the Nook Cloud, so will be accessible across devices through the free to download applications to be launched. They will also be able to be downloaded to a device in order to watch when no internet connection is available.

Nook Video will also work with Ultraviolet, providing digital copies of films that a user has bought on Blu-ray or DVD. Customers will be able to link their Ultraviolet accounts to their Nook Cloud equivalents.

"As one of the world’s largest retailers of physical video discs and digital copyrighted content, our new Nook Video service will give our customers another way to be entertained with a vast and growing digital video collection, as part of our expansive Nook Store," said William J Lynch, the company's CEO.

Lynch also said the colour Nook tablet offered a great way to view the new service, but it is only available in the US. Could it be coming to the UK, therefore? Or something else?

Either way, Nook Video will be coming to the US in "Fall" and the UK in time for the "Holiday Season". There's no word on pricing yet.