If Vincent van Gogh was alive today, chances are he’d be locking his canvas into Breffo’s Spiderpodium Tablet holder (maybe). Designed to grip hold of any size tablet, the Spiderpodium, whether for watching movies or playing Draw Something, is ideal for keeping your tablet steady and secure. 

No prizes for guessing that the Spiderpodium sports eight legs and though they’re sturdy enough to support even the heavier tablets, the are malleable so can be positioned to the viewing angle you desire.

This same flexibility enables any tablet, be it one with a seven-inch or 13-inch display, to be fastened in. Its full span measures 310mm in height and 285mm in width and weighs in at just 96g. By folding away the eight legs you can also fit it into a small bag.

spiderpodium grips your tablet so you don t have to image 3

The Spiderpodium Tablet is available from www.breffo.com in either black or graphite for £24.95, while a smartphone version is also available for £14.95.

What do you think of the Spiderpodium Tablet? Gimmick or practical? Let us know in the comments below.