Catch up with your emails while enjoying a spot of snorkelling this summer holiday. We’re serious. With the Proporta BeachBuoy 100% waterproof case you’ll be able to do just that with your tablet device. 

Okay, so you’ll need an internet connection too, but in theory it is possible. Providing complete protection from water of up to 5 metres deep, the BeachBuoy 100% waterproof case keeps your tablet's touchscreen in use. 

Proporta has kitted out the case with a watertight double seal with a Velcro closure system for added protection. It should also help protect your device from sand getting inside it, with the British Standards Institute (BSI) giving it an IP57 and IP58 approval.

proporta s beachbuoy ipad case makes underwater photography a real possibility image 2

While the thought of writing emails underwater might not appeal, one feature that could generate interest in the Proporta BeachBuoy 100% Waterproof Case, is the ability to take underwater photos with your tablet.

The Proporta BeachBuoy 100% Waterproof Case is available now from for £24.95.

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