Kobo has announced that its Kobo Vox eReader tablet will now come with Google certification, meaning owners will get access to the wider Android experience.

One of our criticisms of the Kobo Vox, when we reviewed the 7-inch tablet-cum-ebook reader, was that it lacked access to the full suite of Android services.

This isn't uncommon in affordable tablets, but it is one of the bugbears of the Android ecosystem. 

New customers will find that the Kobo Vox will now come preinstalled with Google Mobile apps, such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, as well as access to Google Play, so you can join in with most of the Android app fun.

Although Android apps are relatively easy to source outside of Google Play, either to sideload or via an alternative app store, we've always maintained that the best experience is to be had down the official route.

"Google Play is the perfect addition for the content-rich eReading environment of the Kobo Vox," said Dan Leibu, chief technology officer at Kobo.  

"This is another big step in our ability to give people an open and compelling multimedia device that can be customised to suit their needs. Having access to the thousands of games, apps and tools offered by Google Play makes the Kobo Vox an eReader and so much more."

With Google's stamp of approval, the Kobo Vox may now be a slightly more compelling tablet, but as we said in our review, it offers neither the best tablet experience, nor the best ebook reading experience. 

Current Kobo Vox owners will receive the update OTA, so it's worth sending your device online to check for a software update.