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(Pocket-lint) - A new iPad app has been approved that will enable split-screen viewing, bringing a whole new dimension to multitasking and emulating a concept first shown off by Microsoft in 2009. Tapose will enable users to make notes or drawings on one side of the display while having full access to other internal apps as well as the browser.

There are plenty of other strings to Tapose’s bow, too. For example, the lasso tool allows the user to simply choose an image or web page by circling it with your finger or stylus and dragging it on to the parallel screen. You also won’t need to use up additional memory on your iPad, as Tapose provides web storage for any audio, video, notes and photos you use via the app.

Tapose has supposedly been ready for release for some time now but has faced various hurdles laid down by Apple. Allegedly Apple was unhappy at the concept of two different windows being open simultaneously, before kicking up a stink over the way the app used widgets showing calendars and reminders.

Thankfully all seems sorted now and the app has been approved for sale in iTunes with an expected retail price of $2.99. No word on a UK arrival but we’re fairly confident it will be available for download soon.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.