Alongside launches of a new iPad and Apple TV yesterday, there was one other announcement that had Pocket-lint's ears prick up like a meerkat's. The iPhoto app for iPad and iPhone is a brand new way to edit and manage all your images on your Apple portables. Very much along the lines of the Photoshop app, it has quite a lot to go up against. 

We have had iPhoto running on both our iPhone 4S and iPad 2 since the moment it was sent out to the app store yesterday. A lengthy enough play has us convinced of a few things. First, it doesn't quite feel like a native Apple application, something is just slightly out of place in the UI and while it is massively slick, it's just not quite Apple. Second, we sort of feel iPhoto should have just been an update to the included iPhone photos app, not a paid-for application. The number of features available more than justifies the price tag, but it would have just been a nice bonus along with iOS 5.1.


So how does iPhoto handle? Well the first thing about it, which is quite frankly brilliant, is the speed at which it operates. In fact the application runs even quicker than iPhoto on our MacBook Air. Scrolling through your entire image library and switching between edited versions is lightning quick. 

On the app's home page is a selection of all your photo albums, including your iCloud-synced Photo Stream. Open an image and you get access to all the editing options, as well as being able to flick between shots and pinch to zoom. 


In terms of image manipulation, there is quite a bit you can do. Auto enhance just works its magic without your needing to do anything. If you prefer, you can go in and tweak individual parts of the image, such as saturation, contrast and hue.

Shots can also be cropped and rotated. Apple has handled the issue of selective sharpening and saturation very cleverly, offering up different brushes for different effects. The same applies to instant effects, which works on a sliding scale by just dragging your finger to add more or less of the effect. It is all very intuitive and a much more straightforward experience than Adobe's offering. 


So is the new iPhoto app worth a download? As a native photos app replacement and a way to view your shots, it's so damn quick, that we would grab it just for that. The added bonus of all the quick-fix stuff for your stills makes it a no-brainer. 

If you are after the new iPhoto, you can grab it here

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