Pope Benedict XVI switched on the famous world's largest Christmas tree in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy yesterday using a Sony tablet device. He was based in Vatican City, but his Android-related button pressing was broadcast live in the town.

The tree itself, described by the Vatican as a "sign of universal peace and brotherhood among peoples" is actually made up of hundreds of lights, which are placed on the side of Mount Ingino, and ranging from the town up to the basilica of S. Ubaldo, Gubbio's patron saint.

It stretches over 130,000 square metres, while the top is adorned with a giant illuminated comet, which covers an area of 1,000 square metres itself.

The actual device the Pope used hasn't been revealed, save for a statement from the Vatican before the event: "He will touch the screen of a Sony 'Tablet' with an "Android" operating system which, via the Internet, will transmit the command to switch on the electric current to the tree," it said.

Our money's on the Tablet S. Although it shouldn't matter really, as he more than likely keeps his content in the cloud(s).

Games we think the Pope has on his Android tablet...

Cut the Pope (obviously)

Tiny Tower of Babel

Miracle's Edge


Er, that's it...