We all know that David Cameron likes to chill out with his iPad and that Barack Obama likes to keep it real with a BlackBerry, but over in Cannes for the sixth meeting of the G20 heads of government, the only official tech action will be taking place on Archos G9 tablets.

The French company has been chosen as the official partner of both the G20 and B20 summits and its dual-core tab has been selected to shine. The 10-inch 101 G9 tablet will be given out to "the Heads of State and government members of G20 states, the delegation and the journalists attending the summit".

The tablets will come packed with the official application of the French Presidency of the G20 and G8, international newspaper applications and access to the summit in real time via the G20 web site and social networks.

Let's just hope that the move doesn't backfire. We don't want a situation where the world's leaders can't come up with a plan to sort out the world's failing economy, or put together a plan of action for climate change, because they're too busy Huddling on Google+ or engaging in an epic multi-player game of Words With Friends.