Ion, the company behind a series of wacky iPhone and iPad contraptions like the iCade, has come up with a new one - the Piano Apprentice.

The new 25-key piano promises to teach you how to play the piano once you plug in your iPad and download the specific app.

Piano players follow along with Emmy award-winning piano instructor, Scott Houston, as he appears on the screen demonstrating how to play while the Piano Apprentice keys light up in time with the music.

If that sounds too complicated you can set the app to show just Houston’s hands right above the physical keyboard, showing you where to place your hands. There is also an option to have it just show sheet music as well.

The battery powered Piano Apprentice comes with a speaker to blast your friends with and will cost £79.99.

Those not musically capable should probably stick their name down for the Keyboard Cat toy, supposedly coming out soon.